Can Cats Eat Watermelon

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Watermelon, known for its refreshing taste and high-water content, is a popular fruit enjoyed by many hoomans, especially during the summer months. While it may be tempting to share this juicy treat with your feline friend, you need to make sure it’s safe for them first.

Is Watermelon Good For Cats?

It contains some useful nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, but I think the most important part is that it’s packed with moisture. This high-water content means it could be another way to keep your cat hydrated in hot weather.

Can My Cat Eat Watermelon?

So, the short answer is yes, cats can eat watermelon. Watermelon itself is not toxic to cats. They might like the coolness and the texture, but the sweet taste won’t mean much to them. But there are a couple of factors to remember:

Ensure You Remove The Rind And The Seeds

Before offering your cat a taste of watermelon, it’s vital to remove all traces of the rind and every seed. The rind can be challenging for cats to digest and may cause gastrointestinal distress or potential blockages. The seeds, if ingested, can pose a choking hazard or lead to intestinal obstructions. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that the watermelon is thoroughly cleaned, peeled, and the seeds removed before sharing it with your feline companion.

It’s A Treat, Not A Meal

While watermelon is relatively low in calories, it still contains natural sugars. Feeding your cat too much watermelon can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, or even weight gain over time.

It’s only meant to be an occasional summer treat; a maximum of 2 small pieces should be offered.

Watermelon should never replace a nutritionally balanced diet specifically formulated for cats. It should only be considered as an occasional treat, and it’s important to prioritize their primary diet, which typically consists of high-quality cat food.

What Will Kitty Think?

Like people, every cat is unique, and their individual dietary needs may vary. Some cats may show interest in watermelon, while others might say “thank you, but no thank you”.

If you decide to introduce watermelon to your cat’s diet, start small. Offer them a very small piece and see how they react. Observe your kitty over the rest of the day to check for bad reactions, such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Is Watermelon Good For Cats


Cats can eat watermelon in moderation, provided it is prepared correctly and introduced gradually. While watermelon can offer some nutritional benefits and hydration for cats, it should never replace their regular diet. Check with your vet before introducing watermelon to ensure your kitty’s system is equipped for this new treat.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional veterinary advice.