Welcome To Meow Mondo!

My name is Millie and I’m passionate about making sure cats stay cool in hot weather.

I live in an area that can get very hot in summer and I hate seeing any of my cats struggling in the heat. I understand how uncomfortable and even dangerous it can be for them when the temperature rises.

That’s why I started this website. To provide tips, resources, and advice on keeping your kitty safe and comfortable during hot weather.

Learn about DIY methods for cooling down your cat, the best types of foods to choose, along with information about summer beds, treats, grooming and sun exposure, especially for white cats. We’ve also got some articles about general cat safety.

I’m so excited to share my tips and resources to help you keep your kitty cool in hot weather. Come join me on this journey and let’s keep your precious feline friends cool!

Keeping your cat cool in summer